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Thermal Coatings:
Carolina Ceramic Coating warranties our workmanship on thermal coatings against rust and corrosion for a period of three years from original date of purchase, when applied to a new part. Areas of headers where the pipes run parallel and join together sometimes are not accessible to apply coatings to. We try our best to get these areas coated, but sometimes it is impossible. Therefore, the warranty is void if rusting starts in this given area. Some manufacturers have also used dissimilar materials when building headers. This causes issues that may appear as rust. There is no way for us to reasonably determine if the manufacturer has done this, so we cannot warranty against this. The warranty does not include the costs of freight, shipping charges, costs incurred during down time, removal or any replacement costs. Failure to properly install and maintain products will void all warranties. All warranty claims must be returned to Carolina Ceramic Coating for inspection along with a copy of the original invoice.

Firearm Coatings:
We offer a lifetime warranty on our workmanship against peeling, flaking, chipping, or cracking for our Cerakote Firearm line of coatings. Should this ever occur, bring your firearm back to us and we will recoat it for no additional charge.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at:    919-791-1960