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Ceramic Coating Heat Test

Heat Test 1 Heat Test 2
1) Using a calibrated heat probe and a 1,000 degree-rated gun, the highest temperature achieved is 654 degrees.

2) Using the same length bent exhaust pipe, the 654-degree heat was applied to an uncoated exhaust pipe for ten minutes achieving the 424-degree temperature.
Heat Test 3 Heat Test 4
3) After applying 654-degree temperatures to the ceramic-coated inside and outside for ten minutes the surface temperatures dropped 64 degrees to 360 degrees.
4) One of the biggest advantages of ceramic coating is reducing the radiant temperature measured 1" above uncoated exhaust achieved 221 degrees.
Heat Test 5  
5) The radiant temperature of the coated exhaust measured 1" from the surface achieved at temp drop of 73 degrees at 148 degrees.  

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