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Thermal Dispersant Coatings

Thermal Dispersant Coatings (TDC) are formulated to enhance the movement of heat. Being able to move and control heat is of tremendous importance. Excessive temperature can lead to metal fatigue, boiling fluids, damaging metal expansion, reduction in thermal or electrical efficiency and a host of other problems.

Traditionally, dealing with heat has been handled either by expanding the radiating surface or constructing parts from materials that are more heat conductive. Now, advances in thermal dispersant coatings maximize thermal transfer, allowing heat transferring faster than the bare metal surface. Combine these properties with superior corrosion protection, and the applications are limitless.

Effective on brakes, air conditioner condensers, cylinder heads, evaporator core, heat exchangers, intake manifolds, intercoolers, oil and transmission pans, radiators, rear ends, valve springs, lighting equipment, transmission and transfer cases, oil and trans coolers and more.

As with TBC's, we have a TDC oil-shedding coating as well. This is used on the underside of pistons, crankshafts, etc.

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