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Thermal Barrier Coatings

Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBC) are formulated to reduce the movement of heat, withstand the continuous ignition, thermal shock and elevated temperatures of an internal combustion engine regardless of the type of fuel burned.

TBC's protect by reducing the temperature of the part and oil while maintaining combustion temperatures for a more complete fuel burn to produce more power, prevent detonation, and reduce particulate and exhaust emission levels. We have coatings that work on the piston face as well as combustion chambers, valve faces, exhaust ports, etc. We also have TBC's that are oil-shedding for use in areas such as the bottom of V8 intake manifolds.

In exhaust systems, an internal coat keeps the heat within the part to increase exhaust gas velocity and reduce radiant heat externally. We use an Insulating coating on the inside of exhaust components that is a metallic ceramic coating that is rated to 2000F and is a also a corrosion prevention coating to help lengthen the life of these components.

We use Thermal Barrier coatings on the exterior of exhaust system components that are rated to a minimum of 1800F. Independent lab tests have shown that these coatings have provided as much as a 800F temperature reduction from the Exhaust Gas Temperature to the exterior of the component.

We stock the following colors for use on exhaust systems: Titanium, Tungsten, Cast Iron Gray, Turbine Coat, Satin Black, Black Velvet, Flat Black, Bright Silver, Dark Silver, Bright Gold, Muted Gold, Turbo Blue, Brown, and Bronze. We also are able to do custom patterns as well as snakeskin and lace.

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